Project Description

wai alternators starters and components

A Leading Parts Manufacturer for the Aftermarket

Innovation and creativity are the forces that drive WAI’s success. Since its founding, WAI has worked relentlessly to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers in the automotive, heavy duty and power sports aftermarket. This includes an unwavering commitment to be “first-to-market” with the latest model products available.

As a leading parts manufacturer, sourcing, and distribution/logistics company, WAI offers its aftermarket customers ready access to an extensive range of products including:

  • 100% new alternators, starters and their components
  • Voltage regulators, Rectifiers, Test Equipment
  • 100% new Ignition Distributors
  • Ignition modules and Coils
  • Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) and Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors
  • 100% new Wiper motors
  • Engine management components