Project Description

Hawkins battery chargers

Hawkins is the leading South African battery charger manufacturer. Since 1961 we developed and offered a wide range of general purpose, domestic, leisure, professional and industrial battery charger solutions to various industries.
The Hawkins brand is synonymous with quality, reliability, ruggedness, robustness and serviceability. Stringent manufacturing and quality processes ensure that products meet demanding standards and specifications.
From simple to Complex
Hawkins’ products cater for all kinds of battery charging needs from very simple taper chargers to sophisticated state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled systems aimed at extending battery lifespan.

* Power Series – General Purpose Taper Chargers
* Pro Series – Professional Manual Chargers
* AutoPro & Smart – Fully Automatic Chargers
* ABC Series – Automatic Switch Mode Chargers
* Multiple Battery Chargers – Aimed at businesses providing batteries and maintenance services.