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Excel Batteries

Excel Batteries

While storing your vehicles during lockdown it is important to keep the battery charged. A common misconception is that you can start your car and charge your battery at idle, this in most cases uses more energy than your car produces. We recommend driving your car to get essential goods to allow your alternator to charge your battery. If you have more than one vehicle, alternate the car that you drive to and from stores offering essential services.

EXCEL Batteries have EFB (Enhanced flooded battery) technology

• Designed for micro-hybrid (stop/start) vehicles but suitable for all cars on the roads
• New negative plate additives and new processing techniques for improved charge acceptance
• Improved start/stop cycling performance
• Up to twice the cycle life of standard flooded automotive batteries in start/stop conditions
• High cranking power
• Fully recyclable
• Longer lasting, energy saving
• Will not require maintenance under normal operating conditions
• 24 month nationwide guarantee


Product design
EXCEL Battery manufacturers technical department is made up of qualified and experienced staff with an in-depth knowledge of lead-acid battery systems. All products are designed on Catia V5 systems making use of simulation software for checking battery design, performance capability, product capacity and manufacturing capability. Rapid prototyping also keeps us at the forefront of innovation.

Production and manufacturing
The modern design processes used by EXCEL Battery manufacturer result in all of our products and their components being fully recyclable. Our in-house tooling capability enables us to produce highly complex moulds for plastic component production. When it comes to manufacturing, we use only the best equipment at our four dedicated, vertically integrated manufacturing plants.

Advanced product testing
The team of experts at EXCEL Battery manufacturer has the expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to conduct chemical analysis, metallurgical evaluation and performance tests. More advanced testing is conducted in collaboration with CSIR and selected universities. Sophisticated software utilised by our skilled and qualified personnel enables us to fast track innovation and remain at the forefront of new capabilities and technological advances.

Project management
All in-house projects are expertly managed from conceptualisation all the way through to implementation. Our team ensures every detail is attended to and uses the most sophisticated software including CAD, Wonderware and MS Project.


Our EXCEL Battery manufacturer is a proponent of the ‘design for disassembly’ principle and is committed to closing the production loop by conceiving, developing and manufacturing products with safe disposal and recycling opportunities in mind.

Our supplier prides themselves on being an environmentally responsible company and comply with the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System. We are dedicated to recycling initiatives and sustainable development. In keeping with this, they have established an entire division, Scrap Batteries, to focus solely on the collection and recycling of used lead acid batteries across SA.

Automotive battery components, which include lead, plastic and sulphuric acid are harmful to our environment if they are not properly treated. Fortunately, most of the components of these batteries are well suited to recycling. Our EXCEL Battery manufacturer is one of the few organisations in SA with the necessary facilities and knowledge to ensure the safe recycling and disposal of lead acid battery components.

Our EXCEL Battery manufacturer has established a recycling facility in the East of Johannesburg to reduce the risk of polluting our environment, prevent waste and to control the quality of lead being used by our manufacturer to manufacture new batteries.

This recycling facility includes a battery breaker, an effluent plant that treats the acid, a lead smelter, a blending kettle to produce specialised alloys and scrubbers to control environmental emissions. A plastic processing plant has also been commissioned. Our EXCEL Battery Manufacturer can issue registered disposal certificates for ISO companies on request – thereby completing the entire reprocessing cycle.

EXCEL Branded Batteries offer solutions to Automotive, Marine and various Special Application Batteries and with the likes of Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Nissan, GM SA, BMW, Volkswagen SA, Renault, Ford, Nissan Diesel and MAN.

Our ranges/part numbers can be downloaded from the links provided below:

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