Myths & Facts

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Battery will drain without the engine running

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The battery will drain without the engine running if the following circumstances are true Leaving the radio on Faulty security alarm wiring Leaving the interior or exterior lights on Faulty alternator Bad alternator diode

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Stockings are good fanbelt replacements

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False - Stockings do not make a good replacement for a fan belt. Modern vehicles have a serpentine belt that drives all the moving components attached to the engine and pantyhose stockings will not be able

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Good shocks cut costs

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True - Good shocks cut costs because worn ones cause tyre wear and damage the suspension. Worn shocks also affect brake control and can cause the car to sway dangerously, which undermines road safety.

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Air-conditioning can increase CO2 emissions

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Fact: Using your car’s air-conditioning can have an indirect impact on climate by increasing fuel consumption, which in turn increases CO2 emissions. Using your air-conditioning requires some additional fuel use by the engine to power

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Properly worn seat belts seldom cause injuries

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Fact: Properly worn seat belts seldom cause injuries. If they do, the injuries are usually surface bruises and are generally less severe than would have been the case without any belt. Without seat belts, you

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Battery light on means faulty battery

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False: The battery or ‘power’ light comes on when there is a problem with the car’s charging system and tells you that the car is running on battery power alone. If you keep driving with

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Stepping on brakes wastes petrol

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Fact: Every time you use the brakes, you're wasting the 'acceleration' you've already used. Instead of moving your car, that energy is being transformed into steaming hot brake pads, they say. Instead, learn to anticipate

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Dark oil is bad

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Myth: All that is indicated by the coloration of your oil when you check it is that your oil is doing its job properly. That job partially involves removing and capturing contaminants and deposits from

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Water in engine oil is bad

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Fact: Water should never be allowed to get into the oil in your engine or gearbox. Otherwise, it will result in significant foaming, dramatically reducing the product's lubrication properties. Water in the engine - water

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Clogged air filter causes poor fuel economy

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Myth: Not to get it wrong – a dirty air filter is not ideal for car health. Yes, cleaning out your air filter will increase your engine’s overall performance. However, it ultimately doesn’t make much

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Engine oils can cause sludge

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Fact: Poor quality oils can contribute to sludge build-up. Sludge deposits are formed by a combination of dirt, soot, partially burned fuel, oxidized motor oil, leaked coolant and condensed water vapor produced during combustion. Good-quality

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Petrol tank topping off is a good idea

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Myth: Topping off the petrol tank is a good idea. Why not squeeze every last drop into your tank? Petrol expands in warmer weather, which means topped off petrol could likely wind up spilling

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Larger cars are safer in a crash

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This one seems like it should make sense - after all, in the event of an impact, you would probably want more mass between you and the offending object, right? Well, maybe not. Recent