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Gearbox repairs

Gearbox repairs There are 3 main symptoms to look out for when diagnosing a manual gearbox: Jumps out of gear Gears grating Noisy Jumping out of gear:  When a vehicle jumps out of gear,

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Check your car oil level

Car oil levels are important If your car runs out of oil, the engine will have no lubrication, seize up, and die, leaving you with a car that doesn’t work and a hefty mechanic’s

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Benefits of anti-freeze

Anti-freeze - one of the most important fluids in your vehicle used in cars, trucks and other vehicles to keep the radiators from freezing or overheating it protects your engine from corrosion aids heat

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Pre-holiday car fluid level checks

Best to catch a problem early, rather than let it find you on the road this holiday season. Here are some essential car fluids to have checked: Engine oil Radiator fluid Power steering fluid

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How to jump start a car

A few tips to help you jump start a car A dead car battery means you are going nowhere until you either replace it or get it jump started. Jumping a car battery does

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Tips for changing a tyre

Here are a few tips to help you change a tyre Have the following common tools with you: a spare tyre that’s properly inflated a jack a pair of gloves a lug wrench your

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Timing belt or cambelt

Timing belt or Cambelt The timing belt (or cambelt as it is popularly known) is a major component in the engine and needs to be replaced as per the manufacturer’s service intervals. Their task:

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Car headlamp troubleshooting

Car headlamps These can include the sealed beam variety (older cars) or, more common today, lamps that incorporate replaceable bulbs. Lamps and bulbs can burn out or be damaged. The actual headlight sockets are

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Embrace your car service schedule

Do you know your car's service schedule and what about everything else that needs upkeep besides the motor oil? You shouldn't have to swap out thousands of parts but in your driver's manual you

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Check your car fluid levels often

Just because you're changing your oil according to schedule doesn't mean there won't be an occasional problem. Your motor oil is the most important fluid the car needs. Think of it like your own

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Listen to your car

One of the biggest selling features on a car is the sound system. We've got an abundance of choices for music and talk. However, you might want to drive in silence every so often

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Bad crankshaft sensor

Symptoms of a bad crankshaft sensor A crankshaft sensor monitors the rotational speed of your crankshaft and sends this information into your car’s on-board computer. The on-board computer will then adjust fuel delivery and

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Check your tyre pressure

Here's why tyre pressure matters: The softer your tyres are, the greater the friction between the road and the rubber, and the harder your engine will have to work to move the car. Under-inflated

  • diesel-electric-wheel-balancing

Check your tyre alignment and balancing

Your service advisor/mechanic might suggest you get your car’s wheel alignment and balancing done at every service. Balancing and alignment becomes a must if your car pulls towards either side or if it wobbles

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Tail and brake lights troubleshooting

Taillights and brake lights Typically there are two different types of taillight bulbs on a passenger car or light truck. On older vehicles, the taillight and brake lights are combined assemblies that make use

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Fog or driving lights not working

Both fog lights and driving lights supplement the amount of visibility your headlights produce in various driving situations. To help increase visibility in foggy conditions, fog lights emit a wide beam to help the

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Radiator and cooling system troubleshooting tips

Tips to diagnose a cooling system problem Issues with the coolant system in your vehicle can be difficult to diagnose. If your vehicle’s engine has been running too hot, overheating or running too cold

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Car battery tips – how to change one

What you will need to change the battery?Socket wrench set with extension or combination wrench, gloves, safety glasses, baking soda and water, wire brush or tooth brush ragReplacing a car battery isn't that difficult. Shut

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Tips for identifying and fixing leaks

What is that fluid leak? If you own a vehicle you have likely encountered a situation where you find a mysterious puddle lurking under your car. Fortunately, finding a fluid leak is not the

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Air conditioner troubleshooting tips

Troubleshooting a car's air conditioner is an important part of knowing your car and can be a real advantage in the summer heat.  Possibly save yourself time and money looking at it and possibly fixing

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If you only do five things for your car do these

By most accounts, the average new car has thousands of parts and more computer power than it took to launch the first Apollo mission to the moon. This makes the automobile an extremely sophisticated

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Take care of your oil pump

5 common oil pump failure symptoms The oil pump inside any vehicle is an important part of the engine's mechanical system and operational health. The oil pump lubricates the bearings in the engine and

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Signs it’s time for an auto tune up

Signs it's time for an auto tune up You can save yourself some time and a headache by being familiar with common warning signs, and by always taking it into the workshop when something